Sánchez Figuera Bridge

This bridge was first built of concrete in the city of Matanzas, built in 1916 on the San Juan River, this magnificent building was designed by engineer Conrado Martinez.


Sánchez Figuera bridge today


Sánchez Figuera Bridge in 1930

This bridge connects the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo and Matanzas, they built Sánchez Figuera point in the same place, construction began in 1883 the famous bridge of The Butcher, also known as San Luis, formidable French project in July Sagebien Opened in 1834, consists of a strong wooden structure that resisted the hectic climate of Cuba and the Caribbean for over three decades


 Sánchez Figuera  Bridge Construction

The then new bridge, named the General Silverio Sánchez Figueras, a leading figure of our wars of independence, has also stood the test of time, as vehicles pass by it almost every dimension. 

This great work has tremendous community service, including without resent having assimilated all traffic in the neighbor's repair cycles Calixto Garcia, and for years has been the scene of the famous early summer holiday, known as The Cockaigne, whereyoung measure skills in various aquatic skills.