Calixto García Bridge

This bridge connects the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo with  Plaza de La Vigia, extends 73 meters long, 6.30 wide on the San Juan River. This is the historic center of Matanzas City, and was built as a solution to flooding by the frequent weather events. 


Puente_Calixto_Garca_2011Calixto Garcia bridge today


The studies were made by the distinguished architect Don Pedro Celestino's Pandal, designer of the Concordia Bridge, opened in 1878, linking over the river Yumurí both neighborhoods, Matanzas and Versailles.

Puente-Calixto-Garca-1910Calixto Garcia Bridge in 1910

An extensive report published in March 1988 states that in February 1893, the Belgian company Marpent Baume SA, based in Antwerp, won the contract for the construction of that work with straight girders, double Boardwalk paving, 61 , 48 meters long, according to the original level, then reduced to 52.40, at a cost of 150 thousand francs. 
The work did not begin on that date in 1895 because of "the insurrection in that island there, as telegraphed from Paris Gadea engineer in charge of the firm. 

Puente-Calixto-Garca-reparacin-1948 Calixto Garcia Bridge during restoration 1948

The assembly of building blocks began on January 27 and ended on April 10, 1896, but more complicated the project was the placement of the structure of 450 tonnes at its current site, very complicated task which used numerous arts lifting and support. After finished the railings, sidewalks, and wooden floor covered with paving stones, on 21 June of that year the band's headquarters in Santa Cristina transited the new bridge, and behind it, a large entourage. 

The authorities of the time he was baptized with the surname of Romero Robledo, a deputy from Matanzas friend of the general 
captain of Cuba, Valeriano Weyler, but kept it a long time. On January 20, 1899, after the first U.S. intervention, Cuba's Liberation Army went on the art facility with General Pedro Betancourt and his staff at the front. 

In the same year 1899, the bridge won the final name of Calixto García, the more general Mambi, died suddenly in the United States on December 11, 1898, when he chaired a committee appointed by the Assembly of Santa Cruz del Sur. 


The bearing race with grills Irving, acquired in the United States as war surplus and placed in this important railroad in 1948, replacing the wooden floor covered with paving stones, was withdrawn by deterioration instead 1977.En placed asphalt coated sheet, solution dropped in 1988, and determined by the Cuban engineer José López Figueroa, who designed a machine capable of producing the 272 grills Irving which owns the track now bearing the Matanzas Bridge.