Bridges in Matanzas

This bridge connects the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo with  Plaza de La Vigia, extends 73 meters long, 6.30 wide on the San Juan River. This is the historic center of Matanzas City, and was built as a solution to flooding by the frequent weather events. 

Images of the construction of the Bacunayagua bridge, which is the highest bridge in Cuba and a one of the 7 architecture wonders in the country.

Since the introduction of the first City Hall in Matanzas on December 8, 1694, the main problem of the inhabitants of Matanzas was the imperative of the bridges, which are essential to keep the city connected both in the economic sphere, as in the military.
The rotating bridge has an iron structure resting on solid foundation (first made of timber and later was replaced by concrete), with a system of gears connected to a motor that rotates the bridges, but for some time that operation has not been  performed. 
This bridge was first built of concrete in the city of Matanzas, built in 1916 on the San Juan River, this magnificent building was designed by engineer Conrado Martinez.