The Morrillo

Almost ended the seventeenth century and the newly founded city of San Carlos and San Severino of Matanzas entered the new century with a very poor surveillance of its coasts. The danger represented by the ravages of corsairs and pirates in the Caribbean was imminent, so eminently represented equally strong construction. On one side of the Bay of Matanzas and stood the Castle of San Severino, but the opposite side, the rich area of ​​Canímar, remained unprotected and represented the perfect place for an enemy landing. 

El-Morrillo-1905Morrillo Fuerte in 1905 


This problem caused long sleepless nights Captain General, who did not need more than one sentence disturbing adjacent landowners to Canímar, to give his permission to begin work. The cost of the building ran by Don Francisco Martín de Medina and Carlos del Rey, prominent and wealthy gentlemen, and had as its first commander Don Juan de Castillo y Cabeza de Vaca Valdes, who also was in the Castillo de San Severino.

In 1720 the fort was already in place, consisting of a tower and a fortress, forming a strong home aspillería. Years later, in 1779, it became necessary reconstruction, which was conducted by volunteer engineers, infantry lieutenant of the Prince, Don Dionisio Baldenoche. But this was not enough, in 1807 is restored, knocking down lump and building it with a battery or barbette horseshoe-shaped, which in turn, was repaired in 1830, being evaluated along with the bridge-Cow Beef in 2378 pesos . 

El-MorrilloExterior of the Morrillo in 1920 

The Morrillo underwent several changes since its opening, and also face attacks and bombings, an example of this was that gave you the April 27, 1898 an American fleet commanded by Captain William Sampson, during the U.S. intervention in the warindependence. 
Over the years The Morrillo was gradually abandoned until completely forgotten, is remembered only by those persecuted by the neo-colonial tyranny, those who used their shores to escape possible imprisonment, torture or death. Hence, there were a fact that would raise the name of Morrillo and perpetuate the history of the province and the country.  


The Morrillo fort today



On May 8, 1935, near the place, two revolutionaries, Cuban Antonio Guiteras, principal leader of the government of the Hundred Days, and Carlos Aponte, tried to leave the island illegally. Suddenly, they burst into the place armed men loyal servants of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, who with very little effort put an end to two precious lives and no less expensive ideas. Currently, "The Morrillo" is a museum where the remains of these men and some of their belongings, and also lies there, among centuries-old walls, a story that not only can tell, but very well focused, it can vibration felt in every corner and listen to the murmur of the sea breeze hitting the walls.