City Goverment Building

The building of the present City Council of the Government Palace started in 1695, although their creation dates from December 8, 1694, the day when we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception and date designated for early elections judges, aldermen and the mayor.


Government Palace in 1918


The latter post was occupied by Captain Diego de León Méndez. Since its foundation the City was the result of elections, but from 1717 it starts to auction charges.


Government Palace in 1815


Then came the City Neocolonial arises again from 1898 under the concept of elcciones and result as the first mayor, Mr. Domingo Lecuona. At this time the camera held twice a week session and the legislative year was divided into four periods of 15 sessions each.

This building is a bronze bust of the distinguished violinist and teacher Joseph White. Also be noted that here was hoisted for the first time the Republican banner in Cuba on May 20, 1901 just before the capital.