Churches in Matanzas

In 1751 the nave was completed. The parish church was located on the eastern edge of the space to your place. In 1800, the council approved selling the lots located on the corner giving his back, which resulted in division of The Square - Square and opening Originally called Alley Vestry.

Since the neighborhood of Versailles began to grow, it became clear to residents the need to have a church of their own. So since 1862 found a home in which to conduct church activities. Already on June 29, 1867 was laid the foundation stone of which would soon be christened by the name of the Apostle Peter. This beautiful church was a work of imagination of the great Italian artist Daniel Dall'Aglio. The construction was carried out under the direction of the architect and was the master mason Bartolomé Borrel. 

In the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, construction began of the only local church, baptized under the name of San Juan Bautista. The first stone was blessed and laid on August 28, 1828, and the initial mass held on June 24, 1832 by Dr. Don Manuel Francisco García. Years later, in 1871, began a park and prepared fairs in order to raise funds to finish the tour that was planned. 

"Monserrate is a gorgeous mountain, of a very curious geology" Ermita de Monserrate was built in 1875 by a Catalan society in commemoration of the Virgin of Montserrat. This virgin was worshiped in a monastery located in the Mountain of the same name in the center of Catalonia, near Barcelona County.