Cathedral of Matanzas

In 1751 the nave was completed. The parish church was located on the eastern edge of the space to your place. In 1800, the council approved selling the lots located on the corner giving his back, which resulted in division of The Square - Square and opening Originally called Alley Vestry.


Catedral-de-Matanzas Drawing of the Cathedral of Matanzas

In 1805, the carpenter José Nicolás de Cárdenas built the altar of San Carlos. Singing the first tower was erected on the south side by Julio Sagebien between 1825 and 1829 and redifcada by José Borrell in 1832, in 1841 he added the naveslas Borrell aisles and the north tower was added a clock. The church suffered extensive damage from a hurricane in 1846, being repaired by engineers Carlos Benitez and Jose Manuel Carrera. in 1845 the Reverend Fray Jacinto Maria Martínez rebuilt the facade in which proceeded to demolish the clock tower and the porch and soon began a magnificent facade with two towers, giving the largest church and soundness (...), thus it has acquired precencia today.

Catedral-InteriorInterior of the Cathedral

Catedral-altar-mayor Altar of the Cathedral

Between 1872 and 1874, Pandal celestino of rehabilitation works of the building. In 1880 he set up the park on the north side, beautiful in 1896 with leafy trees. In 1912 he was elevated to Cathedral and made major repairs and alterations, among others, the execution of the murals that adorn its interior.