Gran Paris Hotel

This luxurious hotel is announced in 1942, 40 years after its founding, as the "Great Paris Hotel." According to the architect Ramón Cota, the hotel was the sum of three buildings. Overall consisted of 40 spacious rooms and a capacity for 60 people comfortably housed. 

Entrada-al-Hotel-ParsEntrance to the Paris Hotel

His national reputation for its exquisite local food, together with his aristocratic style earned him the accommodation of all presidents Neocolonial stayed overnight in the city. In this famous hotel in Matanzas would stay over 60 years of countless figures of local and national renown. ."

Fachada-Hotel-Paris-1918 Paris Hotel Exterior in 1918

Most were attracted by the glamor or the charm of Andalusian patio, the latter appeared very often on postcards of the era. The fame and name of the hotel Paris has come to today's story in more of a grandfather who takes pride in saying that he spent his honeymoon in "Grand Hotel Paris