Islazul Canimao Hotel

The construction project motel River on the outskirts of city to respond, since it was conceived, new concepts.


Is located near the river Canímar on Matanzas to Varadero road and a pool, tennis court, basketball and a grand staircase to the river for access to tourist yachts, plus 30 rooms with every luxury and comfort.

The triumph of the Revolution the building was not consistent with the original project and years later begins to be used as a Psychiatric Hospital.


Hotel-Islazul-CanimaoIslazul Canimao Hotel entrance

In the 80 projects the company takes building what is now the Hotel Canimao, using only anterior part of the building as a restaurant and incorporates new facilities to offer services of shop, bar, café, wallet, car rental arrangements coordinated to Varadero, full service salon, cabaret, banquet gaming and video.

For the above services plus the enjoyment of a recreation area with pool and barbecue. There are 120 rooms including 8 suites with living-tional capacity 248 people.

Hotel-Islazul-Canimao_habitacionRoom of Islazul Canimao Hotel 

In this project of building blocks that are home different functions consistent with the hotel service is took into account the interrelationship between the inner and outside through, for example, the use of glass, looking greater harmony with the environment, where nature is the dominant element.

Hotel El Valle, also built in the 80's, also focuses on an existing building, in this case a residential building, which adapt to new functions, and since it sets up a system of blocks, and is taken into account the interrelationship with nature.

It has 34 rooms, all double, so that its capacity housing is for 68 people. Providing accommodation, restaurant, bar, shop, swimming pool and parking and is intended international tourism.


Hotel-Islazul-Canimao_piscinaPiscina del Hotel Islazul Canimao

Before being adapted to a hotel the main original function was as place for visits of the Provincial Committee of CPC .*

It is noteworthy that in the month of March 1997 was based activity by the 40 th anniversary of the poem Canto a Fidel of Carilda Oliver Labra, attended by Fidel Castro Ruz, Armando Hart, Abel Prieto and Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín.

In December 1997 he was also visited by the Director General of UNESCO Federico Mayor Zaragoza.

* At the time of this publication editorial work, the building has ceased to provide hotel services and returned to its previous function.