Hotel La Lonja

La Lonja Hotel was previously located at Calzada de Tirry No. 57, where it was operated as a hotel, restaurant and café. In 1910, its name was changed to Nueva Lonja and referred to as a café-restaurant and hostel. An engraving of the building was published in the Nomenclator, dated 1883. The facility still stands, after several transformations, and is considered atypical with regards to the urban context on Calzada de Tirry.

Hotel_La_LonjaPropaganda del Hotel La Lonja

The Hotel Paris was founded between 1897, after Lorenzo Zabala purchased the property from Dally’s sons, and 1902, when it appeared for the first time in the city directory. The date 1888, visible on the arch on the upper part of the elaborate gate leading to the Hotel’s main staircase, must have had a special significance for Lorenzo Zabala, who at the time owned the Hotel La Lonja located on Calzada de Tirry, next to what later became the Hotel Paris. He decided to place a gate he had brought with him on that site or perhaps he simply ordered it.