Matanzas Bay

Matanzas is located on the side of a spacious bay, surrounded by elevations, Matanzas was well known at an early stage, as shown in early maps of Cuba and the Caribbean.its geographic gave it a trademark.


Baha_de_MatanzasAerial view of Matanzas Bay

One of the most beautiful bays in Cuba with about five miles long and almost three feet wide, has an important port, open to the north, with a depth of 33 meters near the coast and in the so-called free flow reaches over 200 meters. Therefore, deeper draft vessels can be accommodated in those waters. The mountain called Pan de Matanzas, observed west of the port facility is an excellent guide for shipping. To the east and approximately seven miles inland, are the so-called Tits Camarioca, in which are seen three different peaks.

Baha_de_Matanzas_2Aerial view of Matanzas Bay

The Castle The Morrillo and strong Peñas Altas shown prominent and unmistakable, so are good reference points for the boats to stay within the bay. 
Can be classified as an open bay, with its mouth wider than your breast or interior.Today is the most important port enclave of Cuba for smuggling supertankers carrying oil. 

Baha_entre_los_dos_ros_San_Juan_y_YumurBay coastline between the rivers San Juan and Yumurí

Has important port facilities for general cargo, bulk and sugar sacks, molasses, fertilizers, oil and others. Practical services are provided, customs, water supply, sanitary and quarantine. Has an operations base for supertankers