Rene Fraga Park

The park "Rene Fraga Moreno is a jewel of Cuban architecture, designed by the engineer Forester. The park owner of a unique design in the country was beginning to build in the late 30's as part of the public works plan that began under President of Cuba at the time Gerardo Machado, this was the reason I would start calling themselves "Machado Park ". 


René Fraga Park Opening 


Public Meeting Park René Fraga 

But according to government interests were changing similarly changed the name of the park. AI in the later stage of the tide of revolution, became the park named "Julio Antonio Mella" in commemoration of the young revolutionary killed by Machado's dictatorship in 1929. 


Parque Rene Fraga in 1929 

But having assumed the government of Fulgencio Batista's dictatorship, the official name would be "Campo Marzo" in spite of remaining park "Nick" for the people. Trinfo after the Cuban revolution became the park "Rene Fraga Moreno" underground fighter who had become part of the list of martyrs of the town. This name was popular among the inhabitants easy yumurinos be the same he is known today 
The park continues to call the attention of visitors to the city and its residents because of its incredible dimensions who use it to make various types of sports or the occasional festival, or even to contemplate the skyline not to like this park is known as "The Balcony of the City."