Park & Squares in Matanzas
The Freedom Park (Parque de la Libertad), is located in the center of matanzas city, around this park the most important buildings were buil, including the Velasco Hotel, the Spanish Casino and others.

The park "Rene Fraga Moreno is a jewel of Cuban architecture, designed by the engineer Forester. The park owner of a unique design in the country was beginning to build in the late 30's as part of the public works plan that began under President of Cuba at the time Gerardo Machado, this was the reason I would start calling themselves "Machado Park ". 

" Plaza de la Vigia " was the first point when designing the layout plan of the city.At that time it was known under this name, but for the clerk Ozeta Juan Uribe and that Saturday October 10, 1693, was just a little square called Plaza de Armas. 

Also called Market, of great beauty and grandeur. It opened in 1859, and its structure, cast iron was not known until then in America. It was restored in 1996 thanks to the management of the population. Cárdenas.