Schools & Academys

Nursing school in Matanzas started in the neocolonial stage, with the goal of educating young people for exercising this function, because there was a lack of specialist health field that had been inherited from the colonial era. 

Irene Toland The school was founded in 1899 by the board of masters of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, this was composed of very young girls which were required strict discipline. The aim of this school was precisely to provide a Christian education for youth, with all the rules that were derived from there. 

The Academy of Music in Matanzas that arises at the beginning of the twentieth century, was named in honor of the great Austrian composer: Mozart. The Academy was located in a building with street number 24 Manzadena. 

This prestigious educational establishment was preceded by the Institute of Application created in July 1863, and where subjects were taught only pure and applied sciences.Until two years later, in July 1865, are incorporated classes of Grammar, Religion, Psychology, Latin, Ethics and Logic, acquiring the character of Secondary School.