Instituto de Segunda Enseñanza

This prestigious educational establishment was preceded by the Institute of Application created in July 1863, and where subjects were taught only pure and applied sciences.Until two years later, in July 1865, are incorporated classes of Grammar, Religion, Psychology, Latin, Ethics and Logic, acquiring the character of Secondary School. 


Entrance to the Institute in 1926

Its first location was in the house 138, Independence Street, then moving on to the house 16 of the street Gelabert, streets now known by the Middle and Milan, respectively. In this last place has remained until today. 


The Institute was closed from 1871 until, by Royal Order, it reopened in 1883. Already by this time the fame of the Provincial Institute of Secondary Education was notorious.Cuba Matanzas and meritorious personalities passed through their classrooms. Worthy of mention was Jose Raul Capablanca, the Cuban world chess title and whose undergraduate studies were completed at the institute Matanzas. Also this building was the setting for parties and meetings of many societies as the "Civic Association", the "Fundación Luz y Caballero" and "Society Conference, whose mission was to promote culture and patriotic ideas in the city. 

Instituto-de-segunda-Enseanza1942The Institute in 1942

Today, although it is currently operated as junior high, is still known among the people of Matanzas and the former Institute or, simply, the Pre. Besides its obvious prestige, include architecture, which has become one of the Seven Wonders Architectural Matanzas.